BookNow Self-booking Benefits

Business Benefits

Increase Margins

  • Provides complete visibility into service and facility usage, as well as booking patterns and trends, that enables better strategic decision making
  • Delivers package and series management, including comprehensive point-of-sale functionality with on-line credit card payment
  • Manages wait lists to increase utilization

Decrease Operating Costs

With Xpiron BookNow, clients have experienced 50 percent or greater self-booking rates and reductions in labor costs of up to 120 hours per week per club. Xpiron BookNow:

  • Frees front desk staff from manual tasks so they can concentrate on other high value activities
  • Provides work shift management and commission tracking to ensure accurate payment of service providers
  • Streamlines front desk and back office operations by automatically interfacing with club management or accounting/payroll systems

Boost Member Satisfaction and Retention

  • Allows members to book on-line where they want, when they want, whether at home, at the office, or on the road
  • Provides email notification and reminders for scheduled activities

Operational Benefits

Rapid Deployment

  • Web-based solution requires no client software – an Internet connection is all you need
  • Easy customization without programming
  • Easy to add your branding elements to make BookNow look just like your club
  • Quick integration with existing club management or accounting systems and Web sites

High Performance and Reliability

  • Based on industrial-strength technology, including Oracle and Java

Easy to Learn and Use

  • Familiar UI based on traditional paper-based schedules and common Web navigation metaphors