BookNow Features

A field-proven, Web-based, self-booking solution, Xpiron BookNow delivers:

  • Familiar user interface for staff and members
  • Rapid deployment
  • Easy customization
  • High performance and reliability

Familiar User Interface for Staff and Members

Designed to look and feel like the traditional paper-based books you have always used for scheduling, BookNow is easy for your staff and clients to use. Because it incorporates familiar Web navigation metaphors and icons, BookNow allows your staff and clients to rapidly get up to speed with little or no training.

With BookNow, authorized staff can instantly access daily operational schedules and data for every facility, every customer, every service, and every specialist. It also allows clients to conveniently self- book any activity or service you offer.

Rapid Deployment

With easy set-up and configuration without programming, you can rapidly get up and running on BookNow. In fact, existing Xpiron customers have deployed BookNow to multiple facilities within a week – an Internet connection and a standard Web browser are all you need.

Easy Customization

Because BookNow is Web-based and data-driven, you easily can customize it to meet the unique requirements of your organization in no time – without lengthy set-up procedures and without programming. BookNow allows you to quickly configure workflows and screens, so that it works the way you do – not the other way around.

BookNow allows you to easily add your branding elements – logo, colors, fonts, and content – so that it has the "look and feel" of your health, racquet or sports club. You can also use the well-defined interfaces to easily integrate the Xpiron solution with your existing management software or other Web sites.

High Performance and Reliability

Built on a world-class foundation, BookNow ensures:

  • High Performance – Using industry-leading technologies, Xpiron has architected high performance into our solutions so you and your members are ensured fast response time for each screen in the booking process.
  • Reliability – To ensure the reliability of Xpiron solutions, BookNow is hosted in a fully managed IT infrastructure with best-in-class technology, processes, and people, including enterprise-class Web and database servers, redundant Internet connections, load balancing, daily back-ups, and 24 x 7 x 365 proactive systems monitoring.

BookNow Features List

Comprised of three modules, Scheduling, Pricing, and Payment, BookNow provides a full range of resource management capabilities, including:

  • Self- or managed-booking with a familiar user interface for staff and clients
  • E-mail notification and reminders of scheduled activities
  • Schedule and wait list management
  • On-line payment for court reservations, programs or series
  • Rapid deployment
  • Easy set-up and configuration to fit your unique requirements without programming
  • Fast branding – Easily make your BookNow solution look like your club
  • Integration with existing management software or other Web sites
  • Tracking fees and payments for bookings
  • Work shift management
  • Automated payroll calculations for service providers, including tennis pros, personal trainers, massage therapists, etc.
  • Complete visibility into facilities and services bookings
  • Full transaction auditing
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