BookNow | Self-booking Details
On-line booking at it's best

The BookNow service allows members to schedule court time, wait-list themselves, sign up for packages and pay for programs, from their home or office. BookNow features email notification of bookings and reminders of upcoming events for members. BookNow also provides Club personnel with valuable insight into utilization, work-shift management and commission tracking for service providers.

BookNow is designed to look and feel like the traditional manual booking systems (paper or computer-based) you have always used for scheduling, and is easy for your staff and clients to use.

BookNow is Web-based and easily customized to meet your unique club requirements without lengthy set-up procedures and programming. BookNow allows you to easily add your branding elements logo, colors, fonts, and content, so that it has the "look and feel" of your club. You can also use the well-defined interfaces to easily integrate the Xpiron solution with your existing management software or other Web sites.

Combined, these benefits will:

  • Increase margins
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Increase member satisfaction and retention

Increase Margins

By increasing the ease with which your clients can book activities, BookNow can help increase facilities usage. The more your clients use your facility, the more opportunities they have to purchase additional products and services, buy more equipment, or up-level their membership – all things that increase your margins.

In addition, BookNow gives you complete visibility into booking of facilities and services from tennis pros, personal trainers, and massage therapists to group exercise classes, aquatics lessons, and childcare. With a full view of utilization data and trends, you can make more informed strategic decisions about current and future facilities and services that will help you increase your bottom line.

Reduce Operating Costs

By offering your clients self-booking, BookNow helps you smooth front desk operations. Many organizations using BookNow have experienced 50 percent or greater self-booking rates, resulting in labor savings of up to 120 hours per week per facility.

BookNow also electronically interfaces with your other back-end systems, reducing administrative costs and ensuring that service providers get accurately compensated – only for services actually rendered.

Boost Member Satisfaction and Retention

BookNow makes it easier for your clients to schedule activities. Rather than forcing your clients to call or stop by in person to book, BookNow empowers clients to book when they want and how they want, increasing facility usage and member satisfaction. Many organizations using BookNow have experienced utilization increases of from five to 10 percent. The benefits of increased member satisfaction are myriad: more usage, more retention, and more member referrals are only a few.

Field-Proven Solution

Since its inception in 2000, Xpiron BookNow solution has supported more than 11 million total bookings, 5 million email notifications, and sports a 99.99 percent uptime. BookNow is a comprehensive, field-proven, Web-based, self-booking solution that will help you increase margins, reduce operating costs, and boost member satisfaction and retention.