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Self-Booking & Package/Series Management

Leading health, racquet and sports clubs understand that a key element in achieving these goals is a comprehensive self-booking solution – one that allows clients to book activities when they want and how they want, while increasing club usage and boosting member satisfaction. These organizations also know that premier self-booking solutions deliver visibility into facilities usage, provide accurate data for strategic decision-making, and employ best practices on which to refine and grow an efficient infrastructure.

As competition in the health, racquet and sports club industry intensifies, it is critical that organizations improve their effectiveness by:

  • Increasing margins
  • Reducing operating costs
  • Increasing member satisfaction and retention

Today, high-speed Internet access is ubiquitous. Business is always on. Health, racquet and sports club members are among the most technologically savvy group in the world, and they want to book activities 24 x 7 x 365. The time is now for organizations to offer self-booking.

The Xpiron BookNow Solution

Xpiron self-booking solutions include hosted software and services that enable health, racquet and sports clubs to rapidly master their booking processes and accelerate their bottom line success – all without costly customization.

Since its launching in 2000, Xpiron has supported more than 11 million total bookings, 5 million email notifications, and sports a 99.99 percent uptime. BookNow is a comprehensive, field-proven, Web-based, self-booking solution that will help you increase margins, reduce operating costs, and boost member satisfaction and retention.