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Increase non-dues revenue per member

XpironMedia, allows clubs to insert targeted marketing campaigns within our online BookNow service. XpironMedia can be used to cross-promote club products, services, and events to members based on static demographic criteria, and based on dynamic booking history as collected by Xpiron's BookNow system.

  • Targeted marketing & email campaigns
  • Use high activity zones to cross-promotions other club activites
  • Promoting new or future classes and programs
  • Link to relevent content on your club Web site or Pro Shop

The result: an increase in non-dues revenue, and an overall club utilization per member. In addition to seamlessly-integrated marketing campaigns with dynamic behavioral targeting, we have added features which will allow you to create targeted email campaigns based on the same criteria. You can use these features to create text- or HTML-based email templates, schedule future delivery of those templates, and target each email based on the same demographic and booking history criteria described above.